Did you know, that Ortotech has an extensive spine portfolio?

We provide solutions for minimally invasive approaches, reconstructions and deformities, and our product portfolio includes cages, plates and pedicle screw systems.

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  We also offer a system for the treatment of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, that allows for correction all along the deformity.

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SATURNE® Double Mobility cups

saturne all 300x300Line of dual mobility cups suitable for primary and reconstruction total hip arthroplasty.
Available in cemented, cementless and reconstruction versions.

Dual mobility implies that the liner moves within the metal cup and the femoral head moves within the liner; this increases the joint's stability and reduces wear.
In clinical use since 2000.

Symmetrical cup with rim that helps reduce the dislocation risk. Primary stability ensured by equatorial press-fit.
Secondary fixation ensured by the dual coating of plasma-sprayed titanium (80µm) og HAP (80µm).

All three versions of the SATURNE® cup share the same constrained dual mobility liner.

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Mont Blanc 3D+ is a comprehensive instrument set for the correction of idiopathic scoliosis using a posterior approach with implants from the Mont Blanc range.


After in-depth clinical and radiological trials, the Mont Blanc 3D+ system is indicated for the correction of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

MB 3D 300x300The main advantages of this system are:

• three-dimensional correction
• correction over the whole deformed length of the spinal column
• alignment and implantation in a single stage
• correction of hyperkyphosis
• simple instrumentation fully compatible with Mont Blanc implants

Mont Blanc implant range:

• pedicle traction screws 4, 5, 6 and 7mm diameter
• 25 to 55 mm long
• Ø 5.5mm rods, 250 to 550mm long
• monoaxial and polyaxial
• titanium alloy for implant rods
• cobalt-chrome alloy for correction and alignment rods

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ORTHOLOC® 3Di Foot Reconstruction System

footrecon mid flat 3di      

The ORTHOLOC® 3Di System focuses on implant solutions related to joint arthrodesis and stabilizations of the foot. The implants included in this module are designed to provide highly anatomic and versatile plating options for an array of fusions and stabilizations.


The ORTHOLOC® 3Di Foot Reconstruction System is intended for use in stabilization of fresh fractures, revision procedures, joint fusion and reconstruction of small bones of the feet. Specific examples include:

• MTP Fusion
• Hallux Valgus Solutions
• Lapidus
• Proximal Open Wedge
• Mid / Flatfoot Fusions
• LisFranc Arthrodesis and/or Stabilization
• 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Tarsometatarsal (TMT) Fusions
• Intercuneiform Fusions
• Navicular-Cuneiform (NC) Fusion
• Talo-Navicular (TN) Fusion
• Calcaneo-Cuboid (CC) Fusion
• Medial Column Fusions
• Evans Wedge Osteotomies
• Cotton Wedge Osteotomies
• Medial Displacement Calcaneal Osteotomies

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Cartilage Defects - HemiCAP®

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Arthrosurface® is our supplier of a unique product: The HemiCAP® system for the treatment of cartilage defects in the shoulder, hip, knees, toes and ankle (Talus). 
HemiCAP® implants allow only the damaged part of the joint to be restored without altering the joints natural anatomy or limiting motion.
The HemiCAP® systems remove significantly less amounts of bone and tissue compared to a Total Joint Replacement, relieves the patient of pain and most importantly - has the patient discharged within 12-24 hours.

HemiCAP® is often used after microfracture treatment and as an alternative to TKR.

The HemiCAP® system has been in use since 2002, and with more than 45,000 HemiCAP®s successfully implanted worldwide, we are happy to represent Arthrosurface® and their product portfolio in Denmark.

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HemiCAP® Shoulder

HemiCAP® Hip 

HemiCAP® Knee

HemiCAP® Toe

HemiCAP® Talus