joimax® Endoscopes – the right one for every indication

The state-of-the-art products are always developed based on scientific expertise as well as on the needs and requirements of physicians and patients with the aim of optimal handling, best patient treatment and rapid recovery.

All segments of the spine can be treated with joimax® endoscopes. Both, transforaminal and interlaminar access to the spinal canal are possible as well as intradiscal interventions. In addition, spinal endoscopy enables targeted pain treatment at facet joints and the sacroiliac joint (SIJ).

TESSYS Thx Illustration access

Endoscopic spinal surgery can be used to treat herniated discs, spinal canal stenosis and facet syndrome quickly and minimally invasively. Therefore, just a small incision of a few millimeters is required. The surrounding tissue is simply stretched without cutting, and natural acces to the spinal canal, e.g. the foramen intervertebral, is used.
In contrast to open microsurgical procedures, the back muscles and other tissue remain mostly intact.


Foraminoscopes are part of the TESSYS® (Transforaminal Endoscopic Surgical System) systems. They are available in four versions. The TESSYS® method uses the transforaminal access via the Kambin triangle to remove a herniated disc or to treat a foramen stenosis. Herniated discs and sequestering tissue are removed directly through the foramen, which is gradually extended with special reamers or drills.

Even recess stenoses are treated transforaminal with joimax® Shaver Blades for gentle removal of soft and bony tissue. Foraminoscopes are available in three lengths, depending on the spinal segment to be treated. The respective outer diameters are selected accordingly. The 45° optical angle of the smaller Foraminoscope® thoracic is ideal for full visualization in small spaces, especially in the thoracic region.


Laminoscopes are available in three versions. They are used for interlaminar decompression or deherniation, especially of the lower lumbar spine with its large interlaminar windows. joimax® has defined the term iLESSYS® (InterLaminar Endoscopic Surgical System) method for this.

The iLESSYS® standard system is characterized by the smaller Laminoscope®, which is also used for pain treatment of the sacroiliac joint (SIJ).

iLESSYS® Pro enables ipsi- and contralateral intraspinal bony decompression/deherniation due to the larger endoscope length. With the iLESSYS® Delta system, even central stenoses can be completely treated. It allows comprehensive removal of bony structures due to its larger working tube.

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