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The posterior approach is considered the gold standard of Total Hip Arthroplasty, allowing access to the hip joint for the placement of components without any femoral head size limitation. Specifically, the posterior approach allows for the use of big femoral head prostheses and ream-andbroach or broach-only femoral stems.

The Supercapsular Percutaneously Assisted Total Hip (SuperPath®) approach is a modification of the standard posterior approach, with the added benefit of allowing for the short external rotators to remain intact. For surgeons using a posterior approach, the position of the patient on the table and the anatomical landmarks are all familiar.

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In addition, the SuperPath® approach offers an extensile option, being directly converted to the standard posterior approach if needed, making it a straightforward technique to learn and providing the surgeon complete freedom during the operation without having to reposition the patient.

Preservation of the short external rotators and minimally stretching the Gluteus Medius muscles are designed to encourage decreased post-operative recovery and intraoperative blood loss, and increase post-operative stability while requiring fewer post-operative hip movement restrictions and discouraging dislocation.

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