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The Arthrosurface® ToeMotion™ System restores mobility and maintains native biomechanics using a dual curved HemiCAP DF® and a new modular tray-style phalangeal implant with a threaded baseplate. Fourth generation fixation components provide stable constructs on both sides of the joint.

• Inlay arthropasty provides stability and preserves bone
• Double rock-solid fixation with morse taper interlock
• Long-term clinical history with over 20,000 MTP implants
• Single tray system with multiple implant options


Designed to address the primary failure mode of MTP implants-loosening.

• Bead blasted MTP screw surface provides superior fixation
• Morse Taper interlocks the two components
• Screw based fixation provides a stable implant on both sides of the joint


Enginereed to reproduce the unique kinematics of the MTP joint.

• Poly insert available with multiple offsets & thicknesses
• Standardized thread pitch for precise depth adjustment
• Dual MTP implant curvatures improves dorsal roll-off

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