Cannulated Screws

The titanium cannulated screws of aap are manufactured from a high-strength alloying. This means an optimal connection of bio-compatibility and strength of the screws.

Labeled screw head
The labeling of the screw head with laser technology gives the user safety by the retraceability of the implant. Every screw head is in addition provided clearly readable with the detail of the screw length in milimeters.

Self cutting (forwards and backwards)
The thread is cut by the screw. The cut in the backward direction makes it easy for the explantation of the screw also at threads ingrown.

Self drilling
Through the distinctive cut of the milling flanks the screw drills easily and surely into the bone. One work step and therefore valuable operation time is saved.

All cannulated screws can be lead with a Kirschner wire. This prerequisite for an exact positioning of the screw and a stable fixation.