Profemur® TL

Total Hip System

Flat Tapered Wedge Geometry Stem System.

The Profemur® TL stem features a flat tapered wedge geometry design that provides a proximal wedge fit which provides for greater conservation of bone at the lateral shoulder and A/P dimension of the femur.

Profemur® TL Stems

  • Titanium Material
  • Implant stem sizes 1 through 12
    Stem Length: 130 - 166.5 mm
  • Medial Length: 109 - 145.5 mm, A/P Width: 27 - 39.2 mm
  • Reduced lateral shoulder assists in the conservation of bone, and makes the stem easier to insert.
  • Plasma spray provides initial stability and long-term ongrowth.
  • Flat Tapered Wedge geometry provides fi rm mediolateral stability within the femoral canal.
  • Slim A/P design conserves bone.
  • Distal groove promotes rotational stability.
  • Profemur® Modular Necks allow you to never compromise.

The Profemur® TL stem is also available in a classic version.