Total Hip System

  • Designed with the aim of combining flexibility of the modular neck with the features of a "press-fit" stem completely coated with hydroxyapatite
  • Available in 5 sizes - 5, 7, 9, 10 and 11
  • Dimpled impaction platform for stem impaction
  • Collar for medial calcar support
  • Proximal trapezoidal section - on anterior, posterior and medial sides, the surface presents grooves perpendicular to stem longitudinal axis and parallel with each other, providing a larger bone-stem contact surface for bone on-growth and preventing stem subsidence
  • Distal rectangular section and grooves parallel to the stem longitudinal axis on all sides are designed to protect against rotational stresses
  • Dual taper geometry provides optimal primary fixation and load transfer
  • Rounded distal tip and slots in the coronal and sagittal plane reduce stem stiffness to discourage fracture during insertion and minimize point contact in the thigh for comfort
  • Made of Titanium alloy (Ti6AI4V and coated with hydroxyapatite to favour rapid bone integration.