ADVANCE® Posterior-Stabilized Knee

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The ADVANCE® Posterior Stabilized (PS) Knee is the third generation of Insall/Burstein knee; designed by the Hospital For Special Surgery. The I/B® knees are considered the “gold standard” for PS knees, with a reported 98% survivorship at 14 years.

Patellar track

  • Deepened to minimize anterior patella displacement
  • Extended to maintain patellofemoral contact
  • Transition radius minimizes patellar clunk
  • Patented HSS spine/cam mechanism
  • Spine placed posteriorly for increased flexion
  • Spine length increased to prevent subluxation
  • Provides patient stability
  • Increased M/L conformity for greater contact area
  • Same femoral cuts as the Medial-Pivot with theaddition of a separate housing resection