Cancellous Titanium Tibial Implants

Looks like bone, acts like bone.

The structure of BIOFOAM™ Cancellous Titanium may act as a biological scaffold designed to allow fast, fluid bone ingrowth. Osteoblasts could cling to the course titanium struts; conducting angiogenesis through the interconnecting pores. These same biologic pathways may allow the body to create a living implant/bone interface that may lead to longer implant survivorship.

 A Base with Bite
To ensure clinical success, BIOFOAM™ Cancellous Titanium has been melded with what may be the most clinically successful press-fit tibial base to date. In clinical use since 1985, the base has demonstrated superior long-term survivorship.

Whiteside L. CORR 2001 (388)

  • 186 patients
  • 1 tibial base loosening at 15-18 year follow-up
  • Survivorship for loosening at 18 years was 98.6%

Increased Bone Ingrowthover sintered beads at 6 weeks

  • 32% more calcified bone in BIOFOAM™ Metal samples compared to sintered beads
  • Rush Presbyterian Hospital
  • In-vivo canine study tested at 6 weeks
  • Amount and depth of bone ingrowth were determined from scanning electron microscope