ADVANCE® Stemmed Medial-Pivot Knee

The Leader in Bone Conserving Revision.

The ADVANCE® Stemmed Medial-Pivot Knee offers the same kinematic benefits as the primary ADVANCE® Medial-Pivot Knee, yet accepts a full line of augments, stems, and tibial bases. Unlike other revision systems, the ADVANCE® Stemmed Medial-Pivot Knee signifi cantly reduces femoral bone loss by not requiring a full housing resection.

Constant radius from 0° - 90°

  • Highest contact through range of motion
  • Deepened and extended anatomic patellar groove
  • Maintains constant ligamentous tension throughout motion

Raised anterior lip

  • Replaces the spine of a traditional posterior stabilized knee
  • Allows PCL-substitution
  • Does not require a large intercondylar resection

Lateral trough

  • Allows 15° of natural rotation for deep flexion
  • Allows freedom of rotational alignment

Ball-in-socket articulation

  • Provides patient stability
  • May limit paradoxical motion

Available in porous and nonporous femoral options

  • Nonporous option accepts stem extensions and augments
  • Canal-filling stems in 100mm and 140mm lengths
  • Coronal slot conforms to endosteal bone changes
  • Cemented stems in 30mm, 65mm, and 100mm lengths
  • Femoral augments in 5mm and 10mm

Tibial bases available in porous, nonporous, and off set options

  • Tibial block augments in 5mm,10mm, and 15mm; 15° wedges

Anterior femoral stem position

  • Maximizes contact with anterior cortex
  • Restores flexion gap