Primary Cementless Modular Femoral Stem

Primary Cementless Modular Femoral Stem.

  • Optimum metaphyseal filling
  • Cementless anatomical femoral stem - total HAP
  • Double curve in sagittal plane
  • Fine cylindrical distal and to promote metaphyseal anchoring and ensure diaphyseal guiding
  • 7 right and left sizes, with a homothetic progression
  • 80 µm HAP
  • Material: anodized TA6V
  • Ovoide metaphyseal filling, anatomic anterior curve

Independent intra- and extramedullary adjustment allowing

  • Optimized bony anchorage whatever the indications (coxa-vara, coxa-valga), without modifying the femoral neck cut surface and the impaction level
  • The best range of motion in order to improve joint stability and reduce impingements