Anterior Distraction Device Plus

ADDplus™ (anterior distraction device plus) is a vertebral body replacement which can be used for the anterior cervical spine and for the cervico-thoracic transition.  The ADDplus™ is the result of the consistent and continuous development of our two systems ADD and osmium.  The decisive advantage is the direct combination of vertebral body replacement and anterior plating, two systems in one – cage and fixation system.


  • Supports lordosis for an optimal adjustment to the cervical spine
  • Flat bearing surface on the end blades
  • Reduced risk of sinking in
  • Continuously distractable in situ
  • Exact height adjustment and bridging of the substance defect
  • Simple and safe instrumentation using a repository
  • Simultaneour support and stabilization of the spine
  • Optimized implant anchoring by expandable osmium screw
  • Safe distance of the screw from the end plate provided by the blade design
  • Windows allow direct contact between fusion mass and adjacent vertebral body mass