Modular Cervical Plate System

mambo™ is a cervical plate system for anterior stabilization of the spine. The implant immobilizes the fusion mass until the implant of bone graft has fused.

The main feature of the system makes it possible to choose dynamic or rigid instrumentation.  Thanks to the modular design, the plates can be individually extended for multisegmental instrumentation. The integrated sliding mechanism offers the advantage of optimal positioning of the bone screws.


  • One-step locking mechanism with backout protection
  • No irritation of adjacent discs
  • Pre-assembled and –contoured plate
  • Easy handling
  • Clearly arranged set
  • Dynamic instrumentation for:
    • Less implant related complications
    • Reduced bone graft resorption
    • Optimized load sharing
  • Modular design for flexibility in the plate lengths
  • Gliding plate components allow optimal, flexible screw placement