cerv-X™ is a cage for cervical interbody fusion, consisting of radiolucent PEEK Optima® LT1.

The cerv-X™ is inserted into the intervertebral space using an anterior approach. With the cage, it is possible to bridge the intervertebral space, thereby reconstructing the spinal profile and restoring the intervertebral height.  An additional stabilization with a cervical plate is recommended, e.g. mambo™ or osmium™.

cerv-X™ is available in 4 different sizes and 5 or 7 different heights.


  • Anatomical shape matches vertebral endplates
  • Safe anchorage in the intervertebral space due to serrated surface
  • High stability due to shape and spikes
  • Easy handling and placement
  • Few instruments
  • Short surgery time
  • Determination of the correct position by markers
  • Radiolucency
  • Option to determine the fusion mass