Dynamic Minimally Invasive System

cosmicMIA™ is an implant system for operative posterior stabilization and fixation of the human thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine in case of degenerative spine diseases. 

With degenerative spine diseases without significant substance defects of the anterior column and without the necessity for correction, it is also possible to apply the non-fusion technique.

With long stabilizations, the stress inside the section of the instrumentation increases. Therefore the instrumentation is limited to three segments for the non-fusion technique.

If longer instrumentations are necessary, some of the segments will have to be fused.

Dynamic system

  • Posterior dynamic stabilization of the thoracic to sacral spine
  • Non-fusion technique
  • Screw with hinged joint
  • Cannulation and self-cutting thread
  • Rigid rod
  • Bonit® coating
  • Top loading